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Rolling on !

Well, with scorching temperatures and a visit to the Bere Peninsula from a European Roller

(a bird rarely seen this far north), I’ve really felt I’ve been in a field in Tuscany recently!

In an adventurous first year, we planted 150 globe artichokes, cropped about 300 heads and

sold them through Continental Fruits in Tavistock and Tamar Valley Food Hubs. We hope for

over 1,000 heads next year and that you’ll see us ‘setting up shop’ at Farmers Markets as


We’re now getting to grips with the final bout of weeding and a final harvest for processing.

I’m making two sorts of artichoke cream: one with truffle and one with Amalfi lemons. These

little jars of summer joy can be squirreled away and brought out when you need a little

summer reminder. Great just stirred into pasta, spread on bruschetta or dolloped on to pizza.

Whilst I hope I’m tempting you, I’m afraid to say these creams won’t be for sale this year, as

I need to do some shelf-life trials… and more taste testing.

In October/November will come the daunting task of cutting all the plants down to ground

level. This in theory should produce new, stronger and more vigorous plants next year…so

fingers crossed for typical mild Devon winter.

To keep me in gainful employment over the autumn/winter months, I’m returning to cooking

for de la Torre’s as they re-launch Friday Saturday Nights. Look forward to your favourite

Mediterranean classics re-imagined and some new dishes too.

As I look forward to next year, we hope for more artichokes, a special collaboration with

Georgie at Weir Quay Boatyard and a re-run of Birland Feasts summer events. Meanwhile,

our new little Airbnb will go live in the next week or so. This will of course have a twist, as if

guests would like, I’ll be offering breakfast and evening meals.

If you bought artichokes this year, we would love to hear what you did with them. See below

for my little store cupboard treat of preserved artichokes.

Take care

 Martin and Mary

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