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In the Summer, we focus on harvesting and selling artichokes and also organise pop-up shared meal experiences based on re-imagined Mediterranean classics in unique local venues. 

Our Feasts are gregarious, shared experiences where everyone gets to know each other over the love of well cooked, great tasting local food, served in elegant bowls to share, with generous Yorkshire portions. 


My cookery is heavily influenced by French, Italian and Spanish food cultures, with some modern twists. I am big on flavour, quality ingredients and local provenance. We don't do foams, pea shoots or whipped goats cheese!  Vegetarians are catered for with equal gusto


Autumn and Winter see a retreat indoors to preserve artichokes in olive oil, and prepare for our indoor Autumn / Winter feasts  . And all year round, if you want us to cook for a private party or special event, then please see our Special occasions page.

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Welcome to Birland Feasts 

 Martin Swarbrick
  Chef - Artichoke Grower 

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