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Birland artichokes 

We grow 200  globe artichokes plants on the Bere Peninsula and harvest about 2,000 heads from May to October each year. Our six varieties are selected for taste and different culinary uses and grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. We cut the artichokes fresh each morning to sell locally and also make artichoke creams.


How to buy 

You can buy our artichokes at Continental Fruits, Tavistock, through Tamar Valley Food Hubs or direct from us online for local home delivery within a 5 mile radius for a minimum order of 12 for that special event.  If we're still harvesting in October, you can always add them to your finish at home meal order as well.




Preserved artichokes and artichoke creams

We preserve our artichokes in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and cold pressed sunflower oil so you can enjoy them at any time of the year or buy as a special gift. We also produce artichoke & truffle and artichoke & lemon creams. These are great just stirred into pasta, spread on bruschetta or used as a base for stuffing ravioli.  Subject to availability.

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